Which Diamond Drop Pendant To Wear With What Neckline

There’s a thin line between choosing a neckline that will accentuate your décolletage, and an uber-low neckline that’s most likely headed to J.Lo-in-the-green-Versace-dress-revealing-too-much. How to make sure you’re not about to cross the thin line? By donning a stunning, eye-catching, sophisticated diamond drop pendant from Povada.com of course! A diamond drop pendant is your only chance at making that décolletage-baring neckline headed as far away from inappropriate-ville as possible. The diamond drop pendant is certainly one accessory that could make all the difference—making your front, er, view classy instead of, uh, slutty.

Here’s a quick guide on which Povada.com diamond drop pendant to wear with what neckline:

  1. For sweetheart necklines, keep it short, sweet and simple too. The Elegant Green Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Circle Tear Drop Pendant in 14K White Gold and the Solitaire Pear Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Flower Drop Pendant in 14K White Gold are perfect diamond drop pendants to wear with that type of neckline.
  2. Square cut necklines (like those found in most shift-dresses) are somewhat demure but definitely sophisticated. Pair this type of neckline with something more sparkly and eye-catching, like Povada.com’s stunning Texture Round Cut Diamond Drop Pendant in White Gold, or splurge a little on the Round, Baguette and Trillion Cut White and Yellow Diamond Drop Pendant in Two Tone Gold.
  3. For extremely low cut, décolletage-baring necklines, splurging on Povada.com’s Unique Designer Marquise White and Rose Gold Diamond Drop Pendant and Unique Designer Marquise White and Yellow Gold Diamond Drop Pendant is the way to go. Not only will wearing this type diamond drop pendant with this neckline be a total eye-catcher, you’re definitely going to be a show-stopper!

Whichever type of neckline or diamond drop pendant you prefer, just remember, with great décolletage, comes great responsibility to accentuate it with a pretty diamond drop pendant from Povada.com!

Diamond Drop Pendants
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Pendant 1.00 Ctw
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Fall Proposal Ideas: Gemstone Engagement Rings

There’s no denying the romantic atmosphere that the Fall season brings: long walks at the Mall in Central Park while admiring the fall foliage; sipping the best hot chocolate while at Rockefeller Center…Why wait for Winter frost, when there’s no time like the other to propose?! If you’re looking to pop the question this Fall, look no further than Povada.com’s collection of beautiful gemstone engagement rings.

diamond gemstone rings
Pear Cut Pink Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold

There probably isn’t an easy, non-nerve racking way to proposing, but with the help of this beautiful season, a trip to Povada.com for the perfect gemstone engagement ring (maybe even a few sips of champagne to help calm your nerves?), asking your loved one to marry you probably shouldn’t be too complicated. Inspired by Povada.com’s gemstone engagement rings, here are a couple of some Fall proposal ideas:

  1. It’s always the little (beautiful!) things that count: Take her to the Central Park Boathouse. Go boating, row for a bit, admire the view of the West Side, stop under the little bridge, whisper a few sweet nothings, and propose with the pretty Darling White Gold Princess Tanzanite Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring.
  2. You may not be royalty, but you can still make her feel like a Princess—or better yet, the Queen of your heart with the gorgeous 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Sapphire Engagement Ring in 1.57Ctw.
  3. Life may be no John Hughes’ 80s romantic comedy, but there’s no reason you can’t make her feel pretty in pink: no need for some fist-pumping, or boombox-holding grand gestures. Just ask those 4 words with the Solitaire Cushion Cut Pink Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold.
  4. Ella Fitzgerald once sang that she “love(s) Paris in the fall”—and what gal wouldn’t? No time like the present to whisk your honey for a getaway to the City of Lights. Propose at the Eiffel Tower with Povada.com’s stunning 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Tanzanite Ring in 8.41Ctw.
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Channel Marilyn Monroe In Diamond Chandelier Earrings

14K White Gold Womens Diamond Chandelier Earrings 1.25 Ctw
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Chandelier Earrings 1.25 Ctw

Marilyn Monroe once sang the now infamous song, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Indubitably true, one of the best kinds of diamonds a girl likes to befriend is a pretty pair of diamond chandelier earrings. Sweet, charming and playful for the day, and dazzling and sophisticated at night—or maybe even versatile diamond chandelier earrings that can take you from day to night, you name it, Povada.com’s got it!

As drop-dead gorgeous, sexy and sultry, singer Sugar Kane Kowalczyk in the unforgettable “Some Like It Hot” (1959), Monroe donned some serious sparkling bling. One in particular is a pair of stunning diamond chandelier earrings she wears in the equally memorable scene where she sings “I’m Through With Love.” No need to sing the blues and dye your hair platinum blonde to channel Monroe, look no further than Povada.com for a pair similar to Monroe’s in the film. Povada.com’s 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings in 0.13Ctw (which retails for $534), and the Amethyst Diamond Chandelier Gemstone Earrings in White Gold (retails for $566-674) are sure to give you instant blonde bombshell status (again, no need to dye your hair blonde!) that’ll give Sugar Kane Kowalczyk a run for her money!

Some say “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” but if you ask me, gentlemen prefer gals with good taste in jewelry, and nothing says impeccable taste than owning a pair of gorgeous diamond chandelier earrings from Povada.com. No need to don dripping diamonds and a pretty pink gown and gloves to proclaim your love for diamonds, while singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”—simply wearing the stunning and show-stopping 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings in 1.25Ctw from Povada.com (a fantastic steal for only $1,806!), will certainly make you as irresistible to men as Marilyn Monroe was!

Head on over to Povada.com for diamond chandelier earrings!

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Posh Up Your Life With Large Gemstone Rings

If there’s one woman that a lot of women envy, it’s probably Victoria Beckham. The woman is married to hottie David Beckham, has 4 beautiful children, and always manages to appear polished, poised and elegant. And let’s not forget about her accessories and penchant for all things large—like those large gemstone rings that she’s been spotted to wear on more than one occasion. While David Beckham and 4 beautiful children may be a tad bit more difficult to acquire, the posh appearance certainly would be much easier. Thankfully, Povada.com has us covered in that department: large gemstone rings.

It doesn’t take marrying a football (or ‘soccer,’ whichever you prefer) superstar or having been a former member of the Spice Girls, to look effortlessly put-together. The key is to accessorize—in this case, with large gemstone rings. And Posh Spice would definitely approve of Povada.com’s collection of large gemstone rings.

large gemstone rings
Chalcedony Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in White Gold

Not yet a multi-millionaire? Have no fear, you can always “fake it ‘til you make it,” and the Blue Topaz and Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in White Gold, which sells for only $294 is a great bargains!

Let’s face it though, if you really want to channel your inner Vicky B., the bigger and the flashier the large gemstone ring, the better. The following are only some of the stunning large gemstone rings from Povada.com that are sure to make Beckham mistake you for his gorgeous Mrs:

1) The Vivid Round Cut Prong Set Citrine Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
2) The Ornate Flower White Gold Green Amethyst Brilliant Diamond Large Gemstone Ring
3) The Blue Chalcedony White and Black Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in 14K White Gold
4) The Pink Amethyst and Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in White Gold
5) The Exclusive Designer Cut Purple Amethyst Brilliant Pave Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in 14K Rose Gold

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get to come home to David Beckham every night, but with Povada.com’s plethora of large gemstone rings, you can at least know how it feels like, by adding a bit of posh to your life.

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Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Pearl Rings

If there’s one other thing that makes Kim Kardashian a “Perfect B*tch” (Kanye’s words, not mine), it isn’t just her infamous, near-perfect derriere…it’s also her affinity for some really pretty diamond pearl rings. Clearly, you’re going to need tons of squats and lunges (or plastic surgery, if you prefer) to acquire the same near-perfect derriere…But, all you’ll need for some pretty diamond pearl rings is to type in the words Povada.com onto your browser. Then take out your credit card. And voila! Move over Kardashian, there’s a new hot girl in town!

Instead of waiting for a guy to propose, only to have the marriage end in 72 days, why not take initiative and keep up with Kim Kardashian’s affinity for diamond pearl rings by heading over to Povada.com and picking one—or two—or three—or however many you like—for yourself? Povada.com’s vast collection of diamond pearl rings would definitely last longer than just 72 days—after all, diamond pearl rings are forever.

diamond pearl rings
Incredible White Pearl and Round Cut Diamond Gemstone Ring In 18K Two Tone Gold

Povada.com’s Green Lemon Quartz Pearl and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold is a good place to start. Retailing for only $167, this diamond pearl ring features two pearls that sit on opposite ends of a princess-shaped prong set lemon quartz gemstone set in the middle. And while “simple” may not be in Kim Kardashian’s vocabulary, the 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Pearl Ring in 0.05Ctw, which retails for only $231, is absolutely glam and elegant, and eye-catching.

Looking to indulge and splurge? Povada.com’s Unforgettable White Pearl, White and Black Diamond Yin Yang Ring in 14K Two Tone Gold is just that: Unforgettable. At $4,403, this beauty just may need its own reality show. And if you’re looking to top that beauty, try the Incredible White Pearl and Round Cut Diamond Gemstone Ring in 18K Two Tone Gold. And while you’re at it, congratulate yourself, you’ve just dethroned Kim Kardashian as the “Perfect B*tch” with that stunning ring on your finger.

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Sweet, Subtle And Sexy Black Diamond Pendants

black diamond pendants
18K White Gold Womens Diamond Evil Eye Pendant with Black Diamonds 1.25 Ctw

It’s a known fact that men like to see women dressed in little black dresses, but what about pairing those, or any other articles of clothing (or maybe even little articles of clothing, if ya know what I mean…), with a black diamond pendant? Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima did it once, opting to pair it with a bra, and TA-DA! Subtle sexy. Obviously, the average Jane is not necessarily Victoria’s Secret model material, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve the same kind of subtle sexy with the right kind of black diamond pendant from Povada.com!

Some of Povada.com’s subtly sexy black diamond pendants come in amazing bargain prices, you’re sure to have some extra dough to indulge in some luxurious and equally sexy lingerie. The White and Black Diamond Stick Pendant in White Gold retails for only $125, while the understatedly elegant 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Pendant With Black Diamonds in 0.14Ctw costs only $153. Are you more the romantic, whimsical type? Then White and Black Diamond Heart Pendant in White Gold, which sells for only $181, is just for you. It’s sweet, sexy, AND affordable all at the same time! Same goes for the adorable 10K White Gold Women’s Diamond Butterfly Pendant with Black Diamonds in 0.25Ctw. It’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute—a combination that’s completely irresistible to the opposite sex!

Whoever said women can live on lingerie alone was clearly mistaken. We love ourselves some chocolate (and clearly some jewelry!) too! Both aspects come together in this beautiful black diamond pendant from Povada.com: The Chocolate Pearl Black Diamond Gemstone Pendant in Rose Gold, which sells for only $319. Edible chocolate sold separately, of course.

Looking for the something that’ll really knock his socks off? The 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Pendant with Black Diamonds in 1.63Ctw is the pretty much epitome of subtle sexy. Move over Adriana Lima! With the help of Povada.com, you don’t need to be a Victoria Secret supermodel to be sweet, subtle and sexy.

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Unleash Your Inner Catwoman With An Onyx Diamond Gemstone Ring

Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold
Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold

With “The Dark Knight Rises” hardly letting up on the Box Office, every single gal who wants to snag a Bruce Wayne is left wondering, “How can I look like Selina Kyle?” Tight-fitting, body-hugging, spandex-ish catsuit and killer heels aside, one way you can channel Selina Kyle (aka Anne Hathaway), is by donning a sleek onyx diamond gemstone ring from Povada.com.

Sure Bruce Wayne gave Selina Kyle some pretty pearls his mother once wore, but how about a little ‘Something New?’ Like an onyx diamond gemstone ring. A-list actress Anne Hathaway who plays Selina Kyle has been spotted off the set and out of character, wearing a stunning onyx diamond gemstone ring that retails for nearly $30,000. At Povada.com, you can get something as equally stunning but for a much more affordable price. Definitely the kind of steal bargain that Selina Kyle would approve of!

For something more sleek and simple, the Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (which retails for $309) is ideal. For something more upscale and befitting your ‘nightly prowls,’ the Solitaire Round Cut Amethyst Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (retails for $277) is definitely red carpet/A-list Hollywood Party-worthy. For something incredibly affordable, it could give Anne Hathaway’s own borrowed onyx and diamond gemstone ring a run for its money!

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a whimsical meow—maybe less Anne Hathaway-as-Selina Kyle, and more Anne-Hathaway-as-cat-loving-Princess Diaries’ Mia Thermopolis—the pretty Diamond and Onyx Fashion Star Gemstone Ring in White Gold, which sells for only $404, is a great catch!

Whatever your style and preference is, if you’re looking to channel Anne Hathaway or any of her brilliant characters, look to Povada.com for numerous onyx diamond gemstone rings to choose from. They’re definitely the cat’s meow!

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Match Point: The Women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Now that the 2012 Summer Olympics are over, the next sports phenomenon that everyone’s likely to be tuned in to would be the U.S. Tennis Open. And what do women tennis players love sporting aside from a pretty visor and tennis dress/skirt? A lovely women’s diamond tennis bracelet. Is the tennis sport your weakest link? Have no fear, you don’t need to be a world championship, ranking tennis player to own a gorgeous women’s diamond tennis bracelet from Povada.com.

Not quite familiar with a diamond tennis bracelet? Get acquainted and be at an advantage by the time U.S. Open season rolls along…

Tennis bracelets are actually small diamonds used to create a single bracelet. This type of bracelet originated from a 1987 U.S. Open match wherein tennis superstar Chris Evert dropped her diamond bracelet during game. The bracelet had come unclasped and fell on the court sometime during the match. The game had to be called to a halt so she could look for it. From then on, the bracelet has since been referred to as a “tennis bracelet.”

10K Yellow Gold Womens Diamond Tennis Bracelet 0.25 Ctw
10K Yellow Gold Womens Diamond Tennis Bracelet 0.25 Ctw

Unlike other bracelets, a diamond tennis bracelet is not only elegant but also ideal for athletic, sporty women. A women’s diamond tennis bracelet is lightweight and flexible, which is perfect for an active lifestyle. Off the court, the diamond tennis bracelet is understated but still exudes charm and elegance. Povada.com’s collection of women’s diamond tennis bracelets include the stunning 10k Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 0.25Ctw. Unlike Chris Evert’s tennis bracelet, this women’s diamond tennis bracelet is sure to stay on your wrist with a secure lobster claw clasp. Splurge on the 14k White Gold women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 1.00Ctw, and you’ll feel like you won a match point with an ace serve.

The history of the tennis bracelet may have originated from a loss of an actual bracelet, but with Povada.com’s collection of women’s diamond tennis bracelets you definitely won’t score a Love (that’s ZERO for you non-tennis folk!).

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Diamond Anniversary Rings For Every Year Of Marriage

Obviously, if you like it, then clearly you ought to put a ring on it. And maybe you have. But now that you’ve made it official and are celebrating X-amount of year/s of marital bliss together, why not add another ring to let her know you clearly still like (love!) her? However many years you’ve spent together, celebrate this year’s anniversary in style with a beautiful diamond anniversary ring from Povada.com.

14K Yellow Gold Womens Five Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring 0.91 Ctw
14K Yellow Gold Womens Five Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring 0.91 Ctw

Whether it’s the 1st year anniversary, 2nd, 3rd, 25th, or the 50th, you can rely on Povada.com’s plethora of diamond anniversary rings to have the appropriate ring for the appropriate anniversary/occasion. Celebrating your 1st anniversary? Gold jewelry is recommended, like Povada.com’s Solitaire Princess Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in Yellow Gold or the Solitaire Round Cut Blue Topaz and Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in White Gold. Celebrating your 5th year? Try sapphire diamond anniversary rings. There’s the Gold Pearl Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Gemstone Ring in Two Tone Gold (retails for $630) or the Sapphire and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (retails for $742). Is your 10th year anniversary fast approaching? The Marquise Cut Pink Quartz and Diamond Unique Gemstone Ring in White Gold or the gorgeous and elegant Pearl Pave Diamond Gemstone are fantastic rings to celebrate the theme of ‘Diamond Jewelry.’

Are you in your 25th year of marital bliss? It’s a Silver Jubilee and definitely not an anniversary like any other—celebrate it in style by gifting the love of your life with a stunning diamond anniversary ring (you’re probably going to need more than one if you’ve made it this far!) from Povada.com.

Regardless of the number of year/s of togetherness you’ve celebrated, you can count on Povada.com to help you celebrate in style with their collection of diamond anniversary rings appropriate for every year of marriage!

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Diamond Omega Back Earrings For The New Yorker Woman On The Go

That’s right. New York is indeed the concrete jungle. For the New Yorker woman on the go, it’s a lipstick jungle out there. The city is filled with women that have better power suits, better shoes, better hair…it’s the survival of the fittest/sexiest. Jewelry is sexy. An earring is sexy. But you know what’s sexier (for the New Yorker woman on the go)? Diamond Omega Back Earrings from Povada.com.

Sexy, sleek, and sophisticated, Povada.com’s plethora of diamond omega back earrings comes in many different styles, and in a range of relatively affordable prices. For the no-fuss, low-maintenance kind of gal, the Pave Diamond Omega Back Earrings in White Gold is simply lovely. For the fun-loving, whimsical girl on the go, the Round Cut Diamond Snowflake Omega Back Earrings in 14K White Gold would be ideal.

Need to fit in the uptown crowd as well as the downtown crowd? Have no fear, whether it’s the East Side, West Side, Downtown or Uptown (or in a different borough), wherever you go, everyone’s sure to notice you mean business if you’re wearing the pretty Diamond Cluster Omega Back Earrings in White Gold.

Are you the kind of girl that works hard during the day, and plays hard during the night? The stunning Round and Baguette Diamond Omega Back Earrings in White Gold would transition impeccably well from work day to date night—one less thing you need to worry about.

Diamond Omega Back Earrings
Sparkling Pave Set Round Diamond Omega Back Earrings In 14K Two Tone Gold

But if there’s one important thing every New Yorker woman on the go understands, it’s the necessity of an indulgence every now and then. And nothing says indulgence (and sexy!) quite like the gorgeous Sparkling Pave Set round Diamond Omega Back Earrings in 14K Two Tone Gold.

Regardless of what type of New Yorker woman you are, Povada.com has tons of diamond omega back earrings to choose from, and at least one of them is bound to suit you. With Povada.com’s diamond omega back earrings, you’re sure to win in the battle for the survival of the fittest/sexiest.

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