Cocktail Diamond Rings

Diamond cocktail rings first came into fashion during Prohibition in the 1920s when women would wear cocktail rings to the speakeasy. Later, the rings became associated with the glamour of Hollywood. Although styles and fashions have come and gone, the cocktail ring has endured as a fashion accessory. Povada has a collection of stunning modern and classic style cocktail rings.

Diamond cocktail rings remain a status symbol, but diamonds are only one of many options for cocktail rings. We have a beautiful collection of cocktail rings that feature a range of gemstones, in addition to diamonds.

Browse our website to find a wide variety of modern, classic and retro cocktail diamond rings. Read the product description page for your favorite rings to learn more about the diamonds, gemstones and setting of the ring. We have included photographs from multiple views and live video to show every gorgeous detail of our cocktail rings.

A new cocktail diamond ring looks great alone or paired with beautiful diamond or gemstone earrings We have drop earrings, chandelier earrings and other styles that complement our diamond cocktail rings perfectly. You will see suggestions for matching jewelry on the product ordering pages for our cocktail rings. Be sure to visit our New Arrivals section to see the latest additions to our catalog and take advantage of our Daily Deals.

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