Diamond Circle Pendants

Povada has a large selection of stunning diamond pendants in our catalog. Our designers have created an exquisite collection that includes classic styles and innovative, cutting edge designs. We have a wide variety of gemstone and diamond pendants, including diamond circle pendants, heart, key, lockets and religious inspired designs, including the Star of David and diamond cross pendants.

Diamond circle pendants are available in white gold, yellow gold and two tone designs. We have every type of pendant from a plain circle embellished with beautiful diamonds to more intricate designs in white or yellow gold. The unique designs of our diamond circle pendants are varied enough to find the perfect pendant to express the individual personality of each customer.

Gold diamond cross pendants continue to be a popular choice and an excellent gift for many occasions. We have white gold diamond cross pendants and yellow gold diamond cross pendants. You will find solid crosses and intricately designed hollow crosses that incorporate beautiful diamonds and white gold in exquisitely carved designs that are sure to be noticed.

Browse our website to find exquisite pendants, including diamond cross pendants, diamond circle pendants, key pendants, journey, letter and locket pendants and more. Roll the mouse over each picture to see quick details and click on the images to view photographs and video that display the beauty and attention to detail in our breathtaking designs. All our diamond pendants come exquisitely wrapped for gift giving. If you have any questions, we are available by phone, email or live chat to help.

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