Sapphire Rings

Sapphire rings are among the most popular and valuable of all gemstones. Sapphires range in color and shape based on several factors, including which country they were formed. At Povada, our designers use a broad range of colors, sizes and shapes in the designs of our blue sapphire rings and pink sapphire diamond rings to provide our customers with the largest selection of quality gemstone jewelry at the lowest prices available online.

Although blue is the most common and preferred sapphire color, all sapphires are not blue. Sapphires can also be yellow or pink. We have natural sapphire rings in the beloved blue shades, as well as pink sapphire rings. Pink sapphire rings are feminine and flirty. Even in the blue color, sapphires vary widely in the shade and shine of these gems. Sapphires can range from a fairly light blue to a very deep blue that is almost black.

Our creative jewelry designers use sapphires of different shades to create a wide variety of unique sapphire rings, so you can find the perfect ring for you. In addition to the various shades of sapphires, our designers use diamond accents, other gemstones, yellow gold, white gold and combinations of both metals to create a nearly limitless number of one of a kind designs.

Take some time to browse our website to see exquisite blue sapphire rings and pink sapphire rings. On the product description page for each of our natural sapphire rings, we have provided detailed product descriptions, information about the gemstones and photographs and videos that show the beauty of our designs and intricate details in each piece of jewelry in our collection.

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