Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone that was discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s. Tanzanite rings and other tanzanite jewelry have quickly risen to become one of the most popular choices in fashion gemstone jewelry. At Povada, we have a wide variety of tanzanite diamond rings in contemporary and classic designs, from simple, feminine settings to bold, cocktail rings.

We have classic and modern designs with tanzanite gems alone or paired with brilliant diamonds in high quality round, princess cut and baguette shapes. Browse our extensive online catalog to find yellow gold and white gold tanzanite rings in a wide variety of shapes, settings and designs. View detailed photographs and live video to see the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in every piece in our collection.

All our tanzanite diamond rings are designed by our highly skilled and innovative jewelry designers. We design and manufacture our tanzanite rings and other diamond and gemstone jewelry at our facility. This provides several benefits to our customers and our company. Manufacturing our own jewelry provides greater control over quality, which allows us to ensure the highest standards.

In addition, manufacturing our own tanzanite diamond rings in house allows us to reduce our costs. This reduction in our total costs allows us to offer our yellow and white gold tanzanite rings at the lowest prices you will find online for fine tanzanite and diamond rings. We also offer free shipping for most purchases and a free gift box that is perfect for gift giving.

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