Amethyst Diamond Rings: Magical Beauty Right in Your Hands

Amethyst diamond rings are the epitome of magical allure.

Amethyst has an interesting history that fits perfectly with its captivating beauty. It was first recognized by the Greeks as a gem that prevents its owner from getting drunk, hence the name “amethyst”– which means “not intoxicated.” It is also said to prevent insomnia when placed under one’s pillow and can bring headache relief when rubbed on the forehead.

Amethyst is a type of quartz that is commonly violet but can also come in green, depending on its organic composition. It was a popular gemstones in ancient Egyptian times, as it was used for spiritual and psychic purposes. The Egyptians believed that it protects its wearer from feelings of guilt, fear or even witchcraft. For Catholics, bishops wear amethyst rings as a symbol of humility, piety, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. They say that amethyst can best represent the “Age of Aquarius” or the new world wherein people are one with God and His Teachings. Some people also claimed that amethyst has healing powers. It is often used to treat blood and breathing problems. Healers use amethyst because they said that it can enhance energy focus. They also advice people to place an amethyst near the window to heal negative energy in their homes.

Amethyst is one of the most valuable stones on earth along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.
Its charm, meaning and beauty cannot be denied. No wonder many people opt to give their loved ones amethyst diamond rings. It is not only pleasant to the eye and mystical but it is a luxury that you can afford too. Prices vary depending on the design, but it usually ranges from $170 – $1050.

While the value of this gemstone has decreased (compared to the other cardinal gemstones) since the discovery of its abundance in Brazil, it still retains its preciousness because of the different meanings attached to it. Amethyst diamond rings are still among those being sought out by gemstone and jewel enthusiasts to date.

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