Why You Should Buy Amethyst Diamond Rings

Sterling Silver Amethyst Gemstone Ring
Sterling Silver Amethyst Gemstone Ring

Amethyst diamond rings are truly captivating and timeless!  Imagine a stunning violet gemstone coupled with the classic beauty of diamonds adorning your fingers.  It is enough to make any woman turn green with envy.

But more than just making everybody else jealous, there are a lot of reasons why you should buy an amethyst diamond ring.  An amethyst diamond ring may be worn with a sundress or a formal gown.  It is so flexible that you could actually use it to accent anything from casual wear for a walk in the park to a formal gown for a more upscale event.  It may be a matter of taste, but here are the top three reasons why amethyst diamond rings are a must-have for every woman:

1. Elegant, with a splash of color!  These rings are all the rage right now with the subtle contrast of colors and the ability to complement beautiful clothing materials.  You can truly bring out the best look out of a diamond when you contrast it with amethyst, as the moderately violet or purple color of amethyst becomes truly vibrant when surrounded or accented with diamonds.

2. A special meaning.  Both amethyst and diamonds have their own special meanings.  Indeed, an amethyst diamond ring may be the perfect gift for someone born in the months of February or April.  Traditional beliefs in the healing capabilities of crystals and gemstones hold that amethysts provide power, protection and wisdom.  It is also believed that amethysts have special healing powers that bring about a sense of calm over the bearer.  The good thing is that diamonds are said to amplify these healing properties.

3. A great investment.  Unlike traditional diamond rings, amethyst diamond rings are more budget friendly.  Indeed, an amethyst diamond ring is a great alternative to a pure diamond ring because of the crystalline structure of amethyst that mimics that of a diamond.  Also, most amethyst diamond jewelry piece is designed using clustered diamonds, allowing you to get more savings.  In effect, you are retaining the beautiful and classy look without spending that much money when you choose an amethyst diamond ring!


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