Sweet, Subtle And Sexy Black Diamond Pendants

black diamond pendants
18K White Gold Womens Diamond Evil Eye Pendant with Black Diamonds 1.25 Ctw

It’s a known fact that men like to see women dressed in little black dresses, but what about pairing those, or any other articles of clothing (or maybe even little articles of clothing, if ya know what I mean…), with a black diamond pendant? Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima did it once, opting to pair it with a bra, and TA-DA! Subtle sexy. Obviously, the average Jane is not necessarily Victoria’s Secret model material, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve the same kind of subtle sexy with the right kind of black diamond pendant from Povada.com!

Some of Povada.com’s subtly sexy black diamond pendants come in amazing bargain prices, you’re sure to have some extra dough to indulge in some luxurious and equally sexy lingerie. The White and Black Diamond Stick Pendant in White Gold retails for only $125, while the understatedly elegant 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Pendant With Black Diamonds in 0.14Ctw costs only $153. Are you more the romantic, whimsical type? Then White and Black Diamond Heart Pendant in White Gold, which sells for only $181, is just for you. It’s sweet, sexy, AND affordable all at the same time! Same goes for the adorable 10K White Gold Women’s Diamond Butterfly Pendant with Black Diamonds in 0.25Ctw. It’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute—a combination that’s completely irresistible to the opposite sex!

Whoever said women can live on lingerie alone was clearly mistaken. We love ourselves some chocolate (and clearly some jewelry!) too! Both aspects come together in this beautiful black diamond pendant from Povada.com: The Chocolate Pearl Black Diamond Gemstone Pendant in Rose Gold, which sells for only $319. Edible chocolate sold separately, of course.

Looking for the something that’ll really knock his socks off? The 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Pendant with Black Diamonds in 1.63Ctw is the pretty much epitome of subtle sexy. Move over Adriana Lima! With the help of Povada.com, you don’t need to be a Victoria Secret supermodel to be sweet, subtle and sexy.

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