Black Diamond Rings: A Story of Myth and Fashion

Black Diamond Rings
Black Diamond Ring

Black diamond rings have not long been in fashion, but it is quickly gaining popularity. Although not as sought-after as their crystal clear counterparts, the charm of black diamond rings lies in their bold beauty and perhaps, their mysterious mythical associations.

Who doesn’t love a touch of mystery in their jewelry? In eras past when society placed much importance on symbolism and the mystical qualities of gems, various beliefs have been attributed to black diamond rings. Perhaps the most famous is the Italian belief that the black diamond is a “reconciliation stone.” It was said that lovers or married couples who got into a fight only needed to touch their black diamond rings, and they would be reconciled. The stone was believed to absorb the ill feelings, thus clearing the air and paving the way for

This little bit of myth could be the reason why couples have begun to adopt black diamond rings as promise rings or even engagement rings. The bold opaque color plus a little hint of magic make black diamond rings irresistible to couples who have a penchant for romance and myth.

Most modern jewelers initially designed black diamond rings for men, due to its more masculine color and how it fits perfectly with metals often preferred by men, such as titanium or tungsten. However, as society continues to evolve, women’s tastes have become bolder and more diverse. Many still opt for the classic styles, but more and more women are exploring new styles and trends, resulting in unique and adventurous pieces of jewelry such as black diamond rings.

Another factor that makes black diamond rings so special is the gem’s rarity. Natural, untreated black diamonds are among the rarest types of diamonds. They are difficult to find, often only mined in Brazil. As such, they are highly priced and extremely extraordinary.

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