Black Diamond Rings? Why Not?

Black diamond rings have become more popular in the recent years. Due to the rise of funky, non-traditional fashion trends, black diamond rings have earned their own comfortable following in the jewelry market.

How are black diamond rings made?

There are two types of black diamonds according to how they are “made.” A natural fancy black diamond, also called Carbonado, is formed in the Earth’s crust. It is formed differently than other typical diamonds. Polycrystalline in structure, they are made up of many tiny diamond crystals that have fused together to form one larger diamond. These diamonds are very rare, therefore natural fancy black diamond rings are not always available in the market. Natural black diamonds are only found in Brazil and Central Africa.

Fancy black diamonds may also be “treated” diamonds. That is, a natural diamond crystal is exposed to heat radiation while in rough state to make black diamond rings. Heating brings out the black color, but it dramatically decreases the value of the diamond.

Why are black diamond rings less expensive than clear or other natural fancy colored ones?

Apart from the heat treatment that lowers their value, black diamonds do not reflect light. Instead, the diamond absorbs the light. Because of this, black diamond rings do not sparkle. They simply have black opaque crsytals.

Black diamond rings are not as well-known as their original colorless counterparts. Nevertheless, black diamond rings have their own old-school charm that is perfect for those non-traditional occasions, and for persons who love the unique and the different.

Sometimes what makes something precious to a person is symbolism and the character that it brings. Black diamond rings may not be the usual, but precious just the same.

black diamond ring

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