Add Sparkle to Your Wardrobe with Designer Diamond Pendants

Designer Diamond Pendant

The whole world knows that the diamond is the most popular gemstone of all time. Pair that with a good jewelry designer and voila! You get amazingly unique designer diamond pendants that you can dazzle everyone with.

Diamonds come in different cuts and styles, and now, even in different colors. The traditional, clear diamond is still the number one preference of many men and women. However, a growing trend for colored diamonds has been seen among celebrities in particular. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez were both spotted wearing gorgeous pink diamond engagement rings!

You can choose the cut and style of your diamond to best complement the design of your pendant. For a classic look, try a simple solitaire diamond mounted on a firm metal setting. You can also opt to have the main pendant design on the metal setting or backing, and have it encrusted with elegantly scattered, tiny diamond.

No doubt, the most popular shape for designer diamond pendants is the eternal heart. Perhaps it is because women wear and buy jewelry more often than men. Heart diamond pendants make wonderful anniversary and birthday gifts for special partners!

Other popular shapes for solitaire designer diamond pendants include the round, teardrop, pear, and square shapes. Unique and modern pendants come in spirals, knots, loops, crosses, and many more styles, with diamonds artfully placed on the metal setting.

If you’re planning to buy designer diamond pendants, Povada Fine Jewelry has a wide range of designs suitable for everyone. Check out our styles so you can see which one fits your own style and personality best. We have classic to contemporary designs.

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