Diamond Designer Pendants Buying Guide

diamond designer pendant
Diamond Designer Pendant

Diamond designer pendants, just like other designer jewelry, are valuable investments. That is why it really pays to know a few things before purchasing one.

1. Decide on the type and style. There are various types and styles of diamond designer pendants. Do you like the diamond pendant necklace, the diamond pendant locket, or the diamond pendant shape? It also helps to shop around before settling on one design. It would also be great if you choose a style or design that means something to you, like a cross diamond pendant if you want to symbolize your faith.

2. How many diamonds? Decide first if you want multiple diamonds on the pendant, or if you want a solitaire diamond, which comes in a bigger size than the diamond clusters.

3. Know the 4 C’s. If you are familiar with diamonds, then you should already know the four c’s: carat weight, clarity, color and cutting.

Carat Weight – The higher the diamond’s weight, the larger the carat, and the larger the carat, the more expensive it will be.

Clarity – Buy a diamond with optimum clarity. The higher the diamond’s clarity, the better its quality and the higher the price. Check out the stone’s spots, bubbles and inclusions.

Color – Diamonds come in various colors. You can opt for the pinkish ones, yellowish ones, blue ones, or the clear and colorless ones. The clear ones are the most scarce and therefore the most expensive. Diamond experts use a lettering system (from D to Z) to identify the amount of color in each stone, with the D grade given only to the rare and scarce, totally colorless diamonds.

Cutting – A diamond’s cutting has lots to do with its brilliance. The better the stone’s cutting, the more facets and, therefore, the more sparkling it’s going to be.

4. Go for premium quality. If you don’t know much about diamonds, the only way to make sure that you got good-quality diamond designer pendants from reputed stores such as Povada Fine Jewelry.

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