Diamond Bracelets: A Quick History

Diamond bracelets have long been in fashion and are worn by men and women alike. Wearing bracelets as jewelry can be traced all the way back to the ancient times. It was most notable in the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman societies, where jewelry was not only worn as a fashion statement, but also as a sign of rank.

Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Bracelet

Gemstones were not easily available to the public in those eras. Diamond bracelets were most likely only accessible to persons of higher social status, such as public officials or members of royalty, or to very rich merchants who can afford to pay steep prices for diamond bracelets and other rare jewelry.

Bracelet designs of the ancient times often reflected their beliefs and way of life. Diamond bracelets of the ancients were far from what they look like today. Since most of their bracelets feature metal fashioned into the shape of animals like snakes or lion’s heads, gemstones were often used as the “eyes” of the design. In effect, an example of diamond bracelets of that era would be a gold bangle with both ends coiling into snake heads with diamond eyes. Other bracelets designs of that era include coiled metals with leaf patterns.

As the years progressed, bracelet fashions changed with society. During the sentimental Victorian era, the wearing of diamond bracelets and other jewelry became rich in romantic symbolism. Charms and lockets and gemstones representing different meanings adorned bracelets, necklaces, and even rings.

The early 1900′s gave rise to a new style of bracelet – one that is worn on the upper arm instead of the wrist. This was attributed to the popularity of the sleeveless women’s blouse.

Today, diamond bracelets designs have become so versatile. Modern men and women now freely choose what they like and are not as bound by trends or beliefs as the people of the past.

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