Diamond Bracelets for the Working Girl

Give a girl a nice pair of shoes, a power suit, and a gorgeous diamond bracelet and she’s ready to rule the world—the corporate world. As any working girl knows, it’s always nice to remind some people who’s the boss—like your colleagues, or maybe even yourself. And what better way than to reward yourself and your hardworkd than with a diamond bracelet from Povada.com?

Promotion or no promotion, we all know that any hardworking gal deserves a reward every now and then—and I’m not talking about Happy Hour at the coolest bar or club. Diamonds are forever, so why not give yourself a forever that will remind you of your diligence and perseverance at climbing the corporate ladder. A diamond bracelet will last forever, much like a tattoo; but unlike a tattoo, you can take it off, and sometimes proudly show it off at work—it will look absolutely stunning with that gorgeous new power suit you bought at Ann Taylor.

Some of Povada.com’s beautiful diamond bracelets includes the pretty Sterling Silver and Gold Diamond Bracelet in Two Tone Gold which retails for only $64-$66. Another is the Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Yellow Gold; but if you feel like White Gold is more your type, the Blue Topaz Citrine and Peridot Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold is simply lovely and unique. But if you feel like that new promotion and/or bonus is definitely worth indulging for, then why not get the exquisite Round Cut Diamond Four Leaf Flower Bracelet in 14K White Gold! So finally reached the peak of your career and the top of the corporate ladder? Then maybe you deserve the more lavish and magnificent Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Bracelet in White Gold.

Show the corporate world who’s boss by getting a pretty diamond bracelet from Povada.com.

Diamond Bracelets
Diamond Bracelet in White Gold
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