Less is More: Diamond Circle Pendants

Few things in life can be considered as simple and sophisticated at the same time. The shape of a circle is one of them. For example, a diamond circle pendant is a piece of jewelry that evokes the perfect balance between minimalism and sophistication. A minimal statement piece, the diamond circle pendant is classic enough to be worn with a tee, but elegant enough to be worn with an evening dress.

Diamond Circle Pendant
Diamond Circle Pendant

“Less is more,” they say, and nothing says that better than a timeless piece of diamond circle pendant from Povada.com’s gorgeous collection. Whether it is a Simple White Gold Brilliant Diamond Circle Pendant, a classic Diamond Circle Pendant in Yellow Gold, the attractive Cluster Sparkle White Gold Diamond Circle Pendant, the unique Diamond Circle Pendant in Two Tone Gold, or the pretty White and Brown Diamond Circle Pendant in White Gold, Povada.com’s got you covered with diamond circle pendants perfect for the minimalist girl.

Sometimes, the saying “less is more,” actually requires a bit of a splurge, and nothing says sweet indulgence than investing in Povada.com’s exquisite Sparkling White Gold Brilliant Diamond Circle Pendant. Retailing for $1,953, this piece features a circle shaped cluster of brilliant round cut, pave set diamonds, in 14K white gold. The design is also raised into a slight dome shape with an intricate cutout design on the back. Truly a timeless piece, it’s safe to say that this particular brilliant diamond circle pendant is the mother of all pendants. Translation: Worth every single penny.

No matter which diamond circle pendant you prefer, Povada.com’s plethora is truly the minimalist girl’s dream come true, with each pendant a perfect representation of a minimalist girl’s aesthetic: simple elegance.

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