Why Go to Povada for Diamond Citrine Rings

Diamond citrine rings add a pretty and feminine touch to almost any outfit. Here’s why you should go to Povada Jewellers if you want to add diamond citrine rings to your bling collection:

Diamond Citrine Ring
Diamond Citrine Ring

1. We know citrine well. Many jewelers offer gemstone rings and other gemstone jewelry pieces without knowing a particular stone’s properties and without knowing what it symbolizes. We, on the other hand, make sure what a specific gemstone means and how it would be relevant to the owner.


You can ask us about citrine, and we will tell you that this gemstone is known to radiate positive energy and has come to be called as the “success stone” as it is believed to promote prosperity and abundance. Many also believe that this stone has the ability to ward off any surrounding negative or evil energies, thus, it is considered good for protection. It has come to be called “citrine” after the French word for lemon, citron, mainly because of its sunny yellow-gold-orange hue.

Furthermore, another interesting thing about citrine is that many believe that citrine can aid digestion, can help prevent nightmares, and can be good for the heart, kidney, thyroid, circulatory system, muscles, liver, and other organs and systems of the body.

Any jewelry with citrine would therefore make a perfect gift for anybody who believes in the power of gemstones.

2. We know the value of diamonds. We know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that they are one of the most valuable stones around. We know that diamonds add class, elegance, glamor, and beauty to any jewelry piece. Any ring with diamonds would make a perfect heirloom piece.

In this case, we know that diamonds and citrine make a gorgeous and more sparkling combination. Diamonds would make citrine a hundred times more beautiful.

3. We value good craftsmanship. Our diamond citrine rings are guaranteed to last and stay in great condition even after countless use because we put a premium on superior quality and good craftsmanship.

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