Fashion or Faith at Christmas? Celebrate Both with Diamond Cross Pendants!

Honor the true Christmas spirit in style – wear or give away diamond cross pendants in the season of faith and fashion.

The cross has been one of the most popular Christian symbols since the medieval period, after Emperor Constantine adapted it and went to battle with it depicted on his army’s shields and standards sometime in 312 AD. As styles evolved through the decades, the actual Constantine cross is now one of the many available designs of diamond cross pendants.

When you go shopping for diamond cross pendants at Povada, you will be blown away by the selection of cross designs available for you to choose from. Look for diamond cross pendants designs until you find a style that speaks to your heart.

diamond cross pendant
Diamond Cross Pendant

The most common diamond cross pendants design is the Latin Cross, which has an upright post with a horizontal beam inserted at right angles on its upper half. Other popular designs include the Fleur-de-Lis cross, which has lilies adorning the arm-ends, and the Budded cross, which has circular discs at the ends.
Many diamond cross pendants designs are rich in Christian symbolism. Three discs at the ends of a Budded cross, for example, are symbolic of The Trinity. The Apostle’s cross also has three discs at each arm-end, totaling to twelve discs to represent the twelve apostles of Christ.

There are also diamond cross pendants designs that are not too heavy on the symbolism but instead focuses on the creative expression of art.

Wear diamond cross pendants at Christmas as a celebration of faith, or give them away as meaningful gifts to friends and loved ones. Combine faith and fashion into a powerful Christmas style – diamond cross pendants commemorate the true meaning of the season while staying as indefatigable style icons.

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