Show Classic and Subtle Style with Elegant White Gold Diamond Cross Jewelry

Valued for its classic elegance and beauty, white gold diamond cross jewelry is prized for the lovely and muted effect it gives.

Great with Any Style

White gold diamond cross jewelry goes well with just about anything, from plain white tees and blue jeans to that sexy black dress; it would be great for a lady to have her own set!

Taken separately, white gold and diamonds are beautiful materials that can surely make any head turn. Bringing the sheen of white gold and the sparkle of diamonds together guarantees an eye-catching piece of jewelry!

Unlike some other combinations, a white gold and diamond jewelry piece is never too flashy, and it doesn’t come off as cheap and “show-offy.” Instead, it is a quiet, subtle, and beautiful look that complements just about any fashion statement you want to make.

White gold diamond crosses have also crossed into mainstream pop culture, with celebrities such as Puff Daddy and Sandra Bullock donning this classic piece of jewelry.

Not Just for Women

Although diamonds are considered to be a girl’s best friend, many men also love to wear white gold diamond cross jewelry. In fact, a cross setting is one of the most gender-neutral designs that a man can wear, offsetting the bling that diamonds give.

Religious Symbolism

The cross is the best-known Christian symbol, and reminds the faithful of Christ’s sacrifice. Among Christians of all denominations, the cross is the most used sign to represent their faith.

Diamonds have been regarded as the king of all stones, crystals and gemstones. Certain cultures value diamond for its metaphysical symbolism, as it is believed to be able to open more spiritual realms than other gemstones.

Thus diamond cross rings, pendants, and earrings have a two-fold significance. Pick your white gold diamond cross jewelry at Povada Fine Jewelry.

White Gold Diamond Cross
White Gold Diamond Cross
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