Future-Princess-worthy Diamond Designer Pendants

diamond designer pendants
Unique Designer Marquise White and Rose Gold Diamond Drop Pendant

There is no denying that the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, is definitely this generation’s ultimate style icon and the epitome of a modern-day classy lady. Every other duchess/princess-wannabe covets her wardrobe, her accessories, and even her, um, husband. And let’s face it commoners like us girls can’t afford any of these, most especially not the jewelry. But fear not, Povada.com has the next best thing—they have beautiful and classic diamond designer pendants that resemble those of Kate Middleton’s but for far affordable prices.

One diamond designer pendant that Kate has been spotted wearing was Asprey’s Button Pendant which retails for the cost of a studio apartment rent in NYC. Gorgeous and stunning? Yes. But affordable? Hardly. Thankfully Povada.com has several similar gorgeous diamond designer pendants that retail for much less. There is the Two Tone Gold Ring Link Brilliant Diamond Designer Pendant that retails for only $96, while the White and Yellow Matte Gold Diamond Designer Pendant that costs $228, or the beautiful White Gold Heart Brilliant Diamond Designer Pendant which costs $260, or even the Unique Oval Yellow Gold Matte Diamond designer Pendant for only $289.

Povada.com has a wonderful collection of diamond designer pendants that would make even Kate Middleton herself proud. How about a diamond cross pendant that she wore at last year’s The Order of the Garter Service? Povada.com has a very similar necklace that also doubles as a convertible earring—the Diamond Designer Convertible Earring Pendants in White Gold!

That Tiffany and Co. Sapphire and Diamond Necklace Kate was spotted at her engagement announcement? Pshh. Announce your own engagement wearing something just as princess-worthy, like Povada.com’s Unique Twist Flower Diamond Pendant, or the Unique Flower White Gold Brilliant Diamond Pendant, or even the White Gold Dangle Flower Brilliant Diamond Designer Pendant.

So the next time you want to channel the Duchess of Cambridge, spending your rent money, go to Povada.com instead for gorgeous princess/duchess-worthy diamond designer pendants for much affordable prices.

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