Caring for Diamond Drop Earrings

A pair of diamond drop earrings is a precious piece of a woman’s wardrobe, and must be properly cared for.

Diamonds are one of the strongest minerals, and nearly incomparable in their brilliance. However, without proper care and maintenance, a diamond’s brilliance may decrease. If you are not attentive to the upkeep of your diamond drop earrings, they will cease to be the “life” of your wardrobe.

Diamond Drop Earrings
Diamond Drop Earrings

You must also be extra attentive to the metal setting of your diamond drop earrings. Diamonds are undoubtedly very durable, but the metal supporting the stone may not be as strong. They could acquire blemishes, or snag on other materials, resulting in damage.


It is important to store your diamond drop earrings properly to keep them safe from damage. If storing in a box or container, use one that is fabric-lined to avoid scratching both the metal and the stone. If storing your diamond drop earrings with other jewelry, make sure your container has dividers separating your different jewelry pieces. It is best to avoid contact with other jewelry so that they don’t snag on or scratch each other accidentally.


It is not too hard to clean your diamond drop earrings. All you need are some mild liquid detergent, a soft brush, and water. Always exercise extra care when cleaning your jewelry. NEVER use any detergent or cleaner that contains chlorine. When drying your diamond drop earrings, simply pat it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Don’t rub or you’ll risk scratching them.

Just so you can rest assured that you can do your own cleaning, visit your jeweler for proper home care tips. They will be sure to guide you on how to care for your diamond drop earrings and give them lasting beauty.

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