Which Diamond Drop Pendant To Wear With What Neckline

There’s a thin line between choosing a neckline that will accentuate your décolletage, and an uber-low neckline that’s most likely headed to J.Lo-in-the-green-Versace-dress-revealing-too-much. How to make sure you’re not about to cross the thin line? By donning a stunning, eye-catching, sophisticated diamond drop pendant from Povada.com of course! A diamond drop pendant is your only chance at making that décolletage-baring neckline headed as far away from inappropriate-ville as possible. The diamond drop pendant is certainly one accessory that could make all the difference—making your front, er, view classy instead of, uh, slutty.

Here’s a quick guide on which Povada.com diamond drop pendant to wear with what neckline:

  1. For sweetheart necklines, keep it short, sweet and simple too. The Elegant Green Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Circle Tear Drop Pendant in 14K White Gold and the Solitaire Pear Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Flower Drop Pendant in 14K White Gold are perfect diamond drop pendants to wear with that type of neckline.
  2. Square cut necklines (like those found in most shift-dresses) are somewhat demure but definitely sophisticated. Pair this type of neckline with something more sparkly and eye-catching, like Povada.com’s stunning Texture Round Cut Diamond Drop Pendant in White Gold, or splurge a little on the Round, Baguette and Trillion Cut White and Yellow Diamond Drop Pendant in Two Tone Gold.
  3. For extremely low cut, décolletage-baring necklines, splurging on Povada.com’s Unique Designer Marquise White and Rose Gold Diamond Drop Pendant and Unique Designer Marquise White and Yellow Gold Diamond Drop Pendant is the way to go. Not only will wearing this type diamond drop pendant with this neckline be a total eye-catcher, you’re definitely going to be a show-stopper!

Whichever type of neckline or diamond drop pendant you prefer, just remember, with great décolletage, comes great responsibility to accentuate it with a pretty diamond drop pendant from Povada.com!

Diamond Drop Pendants
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Pendant 1.00 Ctw
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