Give Oomph to Your Look with Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Diamond Chandelier Earrings in White Gold


Diamond chandelier earrings are at the height of mainstream sophisticated fashion!

A “chandelier earring” consists of a gold or silver chandelier drop, from which beads or crystals are suspended. These earrings can be especially seductive! When one moves, chandelier earrings gently sway and glitter along; the shimmering hanging crystals accentuate graceful movements and bring one’s features alive.

These diamond chandelier earrings have connecting metal loops for hanging crystals along the bottom of the diamond chandelier drop. One more decorative loop and crystal hang inside the diamond drop itself.

Diamond Chandelier Earrings are very elegant diamond jewelry pieces, and they are available to anyone with a keen sense of fashion. Hollywood celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Penelope Cruz have been spotted wearing diamond chandelier earrings at an awards night. These earrings can really add a touch of glamor to any outfit. Sensibly matched with evening wear, or daringly paired with jeans and a silk shirt, chandelier earrings are a stylish choice.

Among many chandelier styles, some exquisite diamond chandelier earrings are crafted with 14 Karat or 18 Karat gold and encrusted with quality genuine diamonds. These earring can cost from $100-$4,00, depending on the carat weight of diamonds used, kind of gold, and decorative elements, such as crystals. You can choose from white, yellow, or rose gold; silver; or other precious metals.

While these earrings may seem difficult to make, they are actually some of the simplest earrings to craft on your own, once you have the right tools and accessories at hand. Coupled with creativity and sense of craftsmanship, you can readily make your own diamond chandelier earrings out of simple crystals and low-priced diamond stones. But if you have enough moolah to splurge on these alluring pieces, then why not?

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