A-List-worthy Diamond Emerald Pendants

Whether you agree or disagree, it is a well-known fact that Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful celebrities today. And just like Elizabeth Taylor during her time, Ms. Jolie has made quite the headlines, not just for her personal life, her work, or her beauty, but also her equally gorgeous jewels—particularly the stunning diamond emerald pendant she wore earlier this year at numerous awards show circuits. But you don’t have to be a Hollywood legend or an A-lister to have your own stunning piece of diamond emerald pendant, Povada.com has a vast collection of diamond emerald pendants to choose from that are at incredibly reasonable prices. Prepare to eat your heart out, Brad Pitt.

Diamond Emerald Pendant
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Emerald Pendant 0.40 Ctw

If there’s one thing Angelina Jolie clearly favors, its simplicity, as is seen with her taste in clothes and fashion. Her taste in jewelry is no different. If you’re looking for a diamond emerald pendant that’s more for everyday wear, then Povada.com’s Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant in White Gold would be perfect. It retails for merely $78-113. If you’re more the whimsical type, the 10K Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Emerald Heart Pendant in 0.60 Ctw is a pretty accessory that would suit your style. Want something a bit more glamorous? The 18K White Gold Women’s Diamond Emerald Pendant in 0.15 Ctw is your answer. For more timeless, classic pieces that is absolutely Angelina Jolie-worthy, the gorgeous Elegant White Gold Oval Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant and the breathtakingly stunning 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Emerald Pendant in 0.40 Ctw are definitely must-haves.

You may not be an A-list actress, or a jet-setting philanthropist, mother of 6, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay a certain price to look as fabulous and glamorous as Angelina Jolie does. Go ahead and indulge yourself in some beautiful diamond emerald pendants from Povada.com. Just remember, handsome Brad Pitt is sold separately.

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