Own a Customized Engagement Ring with Diamond Engagement Semi-Mounts


Diamond Semi Mount Rings
Diamond Semi Mount Rings

For couples looking to have a nice and customized engagement ring, diamond engagement semi-mounts are the best option.

Diamond engagement semi-mounts are rings that do not have the main or the center diamond.  They do have their own designs and accents, and the other stones are already mounted.  In a sense it is, as the term “semi” implies, incomplete.

Couples can start looking for the best diamond engagement ring that represents them and their promise of love without having to design the ring from scratch.  They can choose from various diamond engagement semi-mounts and get the perfect one for them, and then choose the center diamond for the final engagement ring.

In effect, you have control of the main diamond to be set in the ring.  You can select the best diamond shape, the carat size, and the overall quality of the diamond.  You can also work within a budget.

The final result is a ring that you can truly call your own, without having to design the whole thing.

What’s more, a diamond engagement semi-mount could work for solitaire rings, where you only choose the design, engraving, and filigrees of the ring that would work best with the center diamond you have in mind.  Or you could get an accented type where you have all the other smaller stones already set in place.

Two of the best benefits of getting a diamond engagement semi-mount are:

1. If you already have the central diamond in hand.  Maybe you have a family heirloom that you would like to update or a loose diamond bought from years before.  You can use these with a semi-mount so that you could get a great looking ring and still save money.  Or if have an engagement ring that you would like to upgrade or to make more elaborate, semi-mounts would be perfect for this as well!

2. Semi-mounts are perfect for diamonds that you may like but are not found in most traditional engagement ring designs.  Traditional engagement rings rarely use cushion cuts, heart-shaped or Asscher cut diamonds.  If you prefer these cuts of diamonds, you can still get your dream ring with a semi-mount.


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