Propose with a Diamond Semi Mount Ring!

diamond semi mount ring
diamond semi mount ring

Proposals in general are immensely nerve-wracking: What does one say? Will she answer ‘yes’? Added to that stressor is also the aspect of “The Ring”: what should the design be? How big or small should the diamond be? But more importantly, will she even like it?!?

While friends and families will no doubt come in handy to help with these questions, there is one other probable solution that could lessen the pressure: a diamond semi mount ring.

What exactly are diamond semi mount rings? These are rings embellished with small diamonds, so that the center, usually bigger, diamond is emphasized. Usually, these diamond semi mount rings come without the center diamond.

Here’s why you should consider getting a diamond semi mount ring: Apart from saving face from the possibility that your future fiancé may not like the ring, you can also save a lot of money by buying just the diamond semi mount ring–almost like an installment.

You can buy the diamond semi mount ring for now, and add the actual center diamond later.

One trusted jewelry company,, has a variety of beautiful diamond semi mount rings to choose from–all at incredibly practical prices!

Timeless unique pieces such as the handcrafted swirl white gold brilliant diamond semi mount ring which features a 6 prong semi mount that can fit up to 0.50 ct center stone; and elegant choices as the elegant (duh!) twist yellow gold diamond semi mount ring–which can also fit up to a 0.50ct round cut center stone.

What are you waiting for? Get your proposal speech ready and grab your diamond semi mount ring now!

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