Women and Diamond Heart Pendants

If you want to give a gift of jewelry to a woman you love, you can’t go wrong with diamond heart pendants on a stunning silver chain.

diamond heart pendants
Diamond Heart Pendant

What is it about women and hearts? The origins of such association go way back. How it started may have become lost in antiquity, but there is no doubt that the heart shape has become a favorite symbol for women all over the world, young and old alike. Diamond heart pendants are stylish, romantic, and available in a variety of designs to fit any kind of taste.

Solitaire diamond heart pendants are probably the most common in terms of design and value. This style features a single diamond mounted onto a heart-shaped metal setting. The design is classic and simple, and less expensive.

Open diamond heart pendants cost more because these make use of several diamonds mounted onto the metal, tracing the outline of the heart shape. Prong and bevel settings are popular for open heart pendants. It is also a bit more flexible in terms of design, since the heart shape can be done in different styles or enhanced with additional metals and colors.

Perhaps the most stunning and glamorous are Pavé diamond heart pendants. These pendants can be large or small, with tiny diamonds snugly encrusted all over the pendant’s surface. The result is a sparkling diamond pendant that one can show off the world. Because it uses a lot of stones to cover the entire pendant surface, this design is also one of the most costly.

Infinity diamond heart pendants are another popular design. These are two open heart pendants joined together in such a way that it ends up looking like an infinity symbol.

For as long as love, romance, and women exist, diamond heart pendants will undoubtedly never
go out of fashion.

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