The Key to Happiness and Love: Diamond Key Pendants

“You hold the key to my heart.” That’s what it says. That’s the message a diamond key pendant seems to convey. Or it could be, “I’ve got the key to your heart.” Regardless, a diamond key pendant is a definite conversation-starter! It also makes for a pretty, cute, and fun gift idea for any occasion.

Keys offer many different symbolic meanings:

  • As a graduation gift it signifies freedom and independence.
  • As a gift to your significant other it signifies safety.
  • As a gift to your best friend it signifies secrecy and trust.

Thankfully, there are many different designs of diamond key pendants that will fit any occasion and suit any person in your life.’s classic, yet intricately designed diamond key pendant in white gold would make a great gift for your granddaughter on her graduation day; the keys to freedom, independence and a whole new world. A simple, yet cute, unique white gold skeleton key diamond key pendant, would spell out those 3 little words, 8 letters that you’ve been dying to say to your significant other (“I Love You!”). A unique yellow gold cluster skeleton diamond key pendant would make an excellent present to your nearest and dearest best friend; she alone would hold the keys to your innermost secrets (unless there’s a whole entourage of best friends or bridesmaids for whom you’d like to buy matching pendants)!

There are many ways to show someone you love that you trust, respect and admire them. One of these is the key (pun intended!) to securing your relationship with your family, friend, and/or lover: It is the gift of a diamond key pendant.

For an assortment of beautifully designed, unique diamond key pendants, head on over to, and choose a gift for your family, friend, and/or significant other, for any occasion.

Diamond Key Pendant
Diamond Key Pendant
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