ABCs, 123s, And Diamond Letter Pendants

Three of the first and most important things you learn in this world are your ABCs, your
123s, and your name. Your name will forever be yours (unless you decide to change it,
of course), while your ABCs and 123s will be with you every single day of your life.
Although wearing name-pendants and number pendants (enough with the #1 pendants!)
have become quite a trend, some actually prefer to be more discreet by wearing simpler,
more sophisticated diamond letter pendants.

Diamond letter pendants are classic, sophisticated, and lovely pieces of jewelry that make
a statement. Whether it’s the first letter of your name, the first letter of your last name,
your favorite letter, or even the first letter of a name of someone special to you, diamond
letter pendants make for great accessories. They are pretty and add a hint of intrigue, and
mystery: What does the letter mean? What is its significance to the wearer?

And have I mentioned that these letter pendants are made of diamonds? However special
and significant the letter pendant may be, they’re made even more special with these
diamonds. After all, let’s not forget that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! has a variety of diamond letter pendants—whether it’s A, Z, P, B, M, H, or
any of the 26 letters of the alphabet, has it, covered in shimmering round
cut diamond accents, in lustrous 14k white gold, AND a matching (and free!) 18-inch
silver necklace. Don’t jump on the bandwagon with the tired trend of wearing name-
pendants and number pendants, instead, stay classy and stick to simplicity with these
lovely diamond letter pendants.

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