Initial Diamond Pendants: Why You Should Have One

Inital Diamond Pendant
Diamond Letter B Pendant in White Gold

Initial diamond pendants are pendants in the shape of the first letter of your name.  This sparkling pendant is usually made out of precious and semi-precious metals such as gold or silver and covered in beautiful diamonds.


Such a pendant would really stand out and would make a perfect gift to a special woman in your life or a gift to yourself.  Here are three more reasons why initial diamond pendants would make great buys:

1. Personalization at its best.  A lot of times, we want our jewelry to be personalized, but it is quite difficult to do so because of the expense and the lack of knowledge in jewelry design.  An initial diamond pendant presents you with a good way to personalize your  necklaces without the attendant high costs.  Plus, with all the designs available, from whimsical fonts to avant garde to formal fonts, you are sure that there is an initial diamond pendant that fits your very own personality.

2. Make it an heirloom.  Unlike an engraved ring or bracelet that carries your name, initial diamond pendants make better heirlooms, especially if you decided to name your daughters with the same first letter as yours.  Even if that isn’t the case, it would make the perfect conversation starter for them.

Diamond pendants are made to last for a long time, with durable materials that are both beautiful and timeless, so it is easy to pass it on from one generation to another.

3. Be flexible.  An initial diamond pendant is sure to look great with any necklace.  You could match a silver pendant with silver necklace or go two-toned with a gold pendant and a silver chain.  It would be easy to match these pendants with any necklace because the attention is instantly focused on the bigger sized pendant rather than the chain.

What’s more, this kind of pendant would go well with any fashion or style, from formal to casual, from day wear to formal evening wear.


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