Treasure Memories with Diamond Locket Pendant

Bring your lives together with a Diamond Locket Pendant. The Diamond Locket Pendant is one of those old styles of pendants that always inspires amazement, especially for jewelry enthusiasts. It is the kind of pendant which is rare because it has the feature of lock and key, so you can keep safe and treasure a small piece of anything special, such as a small picture from a loved one.

On special occasions, this symbolic and meaningful gift can be a great surprise for your loved one. These pendants come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your choice. There is an 18k white gold cable necklace featuring heart-lock and key charms. The charms are perfectly accented with round diamonds for extra sparkle. The front Diamond portion of these lockets unscrew by hand to open and give a special place to store memories only you have access to, such as ashes, a lock of hair, or any other small item. Here is an image of a heart-shaped diamond locket pendant:

There is also this diamond lock pendant, a beautiful treasure that is entirely handcrafted in pure 14K white gold.  Their prices also vary depending on the weight, clarity and shape of the diamonds and of the pendant. There are pendants for men, women, or unisex.

There is also an Antique Style Diamond Locket Pendant which is really unique in style.  It is heavy and fairly large so you can have enough room for a not-so-tiny picture of a special one. You can see a picture below of this antique kind of diamond locket pendant:

Diamond Flower Locket Pendant in White Gold

The Diamond Locket Pendant will always remain a perfect and timeless gift, either for yourself, or for your loved one because it is a symbol of locked love secrets.

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