Add a Dash of Romance and Mystery on Your Look with Diamond Locket Pendants

Diamond lockets are mysterious and romantic. They are pendants used to hide your loved one’s picture; a secret message; a love letter; or maybe even a lock of hair. One cannot deny the mysterious allure of diamond locket pendants.

Remember the famous old book, “Nancy Drew: The Clue of the Broken Locket?” Well, this writer read that book, and also owned a locket. It was heart-shaped, and opened to reveal two tiny slots for pictures, on each side. It was plain and simple, but was nevertheless treasured.

That same heart-shaped sterling silver locket is now broken, and is in dire need of an upgrade. An upgrade from sterling silver brings to mind two words: White Gold.
And while we’re at it, how about a little “Bling Bling?” Yes! I’m talking diamonds!

‘Tis true, what they say: This era’s new lockets are not only available in white gold but also feature diamonds. (Take that, broken old locket!)

There’s no better place for great deals on diamond locket pendants than has different diamond locket pendants that evoke just enough mystery and romance, to make one swoon. Here are two personal favorites:

  • The Diamond Cross Locket Pendant in White Gold: This diamond locket pendant is made of handcrafted 14K white gold that features a cross design on the front, with brilliant round cut diamonds set in the middle. It also comes with a free 18-inch silver necklace!
  • The Sparkle White Gold Heart Brilliant Pave Diamond Locket Pendant: This stunning 14K white gold locket pendant has a beautiful intricate design with pave set, brilliant round cut diamonds. It features a unique etched design that surround the cluster of diamonds in the center, while the inside also boasts an embellished swirl cutout design. One word comes to mind: Exquisite.

These are only two personal favorites, head on over to to choose your own personal favorite.

Diamond Locket Pendant
Diamond Locket Pendant
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