Shower Yourself With Opulent Diamond Opal Pendants

Diamond Opal Pendants
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Opal Pendant 0.25 Ctw

The word “goddess” is defined as a female deity, or a woman who is adored for her beauty. While we mere mortals are clearly not goddesses of the deity kind, we can totally bet on being goddesses—the kind adored for our beauties. Not that we need any more help in the beauty department, but surely a little accessorizing couldn’t hurt. And what is more beautiful than an elegant, classy, glamorous and opulent beautiful diamond opal pendant from Nothing. So embrace your inner Roman goddess and channel Venus in these opulent diamond opal pendants.

If you feel more like Diana—goddess of hunt, moon and birthing (think Katniss Everdeen!)—then’s stunningly unique Inlay Opal Diamond Designer Gemstone Pendant in Yellow Gold (retails for $806) would be perfect for you. Can relate more to pure Vesta, virgin goddess of hearth, home and family? Then lovely, beautiful, and delicate 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Opal Pendant in 0.25 Ctw (retails for $852) would suit you well. Feeling more like the powerful, ancient Roman goddess, Juno, protector and counselor of state? Nothing screams power and opulence like’s White Gold Tanzanite Opal Diamond Gemstone Pendant. And it retails for a mere $380!

Diana, Juno, Vesta, Minerva, etc. all these Roman goddesses have beauty and attributes that us mere mortal women can simply covet, but one thing that is sure to make these goddesses jealous is an opulent diamond opal pendant. And just because you’re human and lack the attributes the aforementioned goddess have, doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to shower and indulge yourself with some diamond opal pendants from Case in point: the magnificent gorgeous and opulent 14K Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Opal Pendant in 0.25 Ctw.

Can you say, “Venus, who?”

Diamond Opal Pendants
14K Yellow Gold Womens Diamond Opal Pendant 0.25 Ctw
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