Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Pearl Rings

If there’s one other thing that makes Kim Kardashian a “Perfect B*tch” (Kanye’s words, not mine), it isn’t just her infamous, near-perfect derriere…it’s also her affinity for some really pretty diamond pearl rings. Clearly, you’re going to need tons of squats and lunges (or plastic surgery, if you prefer) to acquire the same near-perfect derriere…But, all you’ll need for some pretty diamond pearl rings is to type in the words onto your browser. Then take out your credit card. And voila! Move over Kardashian, there’s a new hot girl in town!

Instead of waiting for a guy to propose, only to have the marriage end in 72 days, why not take initiative and keep up with Kim Kardashian’s affinity for diamond pearl rings by heading over to and picking one—or two—or three—or however many you like—for yourself?’s vast collection of diamond pearl rings would definitely last longer than just 72 days—after all, diamond pearl rings are forever.

diamond pearl rings
Incredible White Pearl and Round Cut Diamond Gemstone Ring In 18K Two Tone Gold’s Green Lemon Quartz Pearl and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold is a good place to start. Retailing for only $167, this diamond pearl ring features two pearls that sit on opposite ends of a princess-shaped prong set lemon quartz gemstone set in the middle. And while “simple” may not be in Kim Kardashian’s vocabulary, the 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Pearl Ring in 0.05Ctw, which retails for only $231, is absolutely glam and elegant, and eye-catching.

Looking to indulge and splurge?’s Unforgettable White Pearl, White and Black Diamond Yin Yang Ring in 14K Two Tone Gold is just that: Unforgettable. At $4,403, this beauty just may need its own reality show. And if you’re looking to top that beauty, try the Incredible White Pearl and Round Cut Diamond Gemstone Ring in 18K Two Tone Gold. And while you’re at it, congratulate yourself, you’ve just dethroned Kim Kardashian as the “Perfect B*tch” with that stunning ring on your finger.

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