Men’s Diamond Pinky Ring For The Man In Your Life

diamond pinky ring
14K White Gold Mens Diamond Pinky Ring with Yellow Diamonds 9.00 Ctw

Father’s Day may have passed months ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the men in your life—dad, grandpa, husband, uncle, etc.—a little something special every now and then. And I don’t mean just a nice Cuban cigar or the trite expensive wine on his birthday or Christmas—go for something that’ll last, like a men’s diamond pinky ring.

Who says men don’t like jewelry? Wedding rings aren’t the only rings men can wear. For your information, a man doesn’t have to be The Godfather, aka Don Corleone, to don a diamond pinky ring. It takes a real man to wear real diamonds, just as it takes a real woman to know its value to a man.’s collection of men’s diamond pinky rings would just be the best place to start showing the man (or men!) in your life how much you appreciate him (or them!).

Don Corleone don’t ain’t got a thing on’s lavish men’s diamond pinky ring—most especially the 14K Yellow Gold Men’s Diamond Pinky Ring in 0.69 Ctw. It’s a true classic, with the center piece measuring up to 15mm. It is highlighted with channel set round cut diamonds. It may sit on his pinky, but you best be sure his pinky can withstand its weight, as it measures up to approximately 13grams! This is a real manly-man’s diamond pinky ring, and it’ll take a real woman (yes you, silly!) to give it to a man who knows just how to value it. Retailing for $1,210, this is one ring for THE man in your life—whether it’s your father, grandfather, husband, fiancé, uncle, father-figure, etc. It’s a gift like no other—one that’ll need its own Cuban cigar to celebrate!

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