Diamond Promise Rings – With This Ring, I Promise Thee…

According to the dictionary, a promise is “to assure somebody that something will certainly happen or be done,” or “to pledge to somebody to provide or do something.” That is exactly what promise rings do.

diamond promise rings
Diamond Promise Ring in Yellow Gold

Promise rings are certainly all the rage these days, particularly among young celebrities. The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Jordin Sparks are among those who have proudly sported their promise rings.

It’s important to note that promise rings don’t just signify a promise to remain pure and chaste before marriage, they are also rings that are preliminary to the real (big) deal: engagement rings. That said, promise rings can be more than plain gold bands; they can be much more sophisticated, coming in designs that feature diamonds.

It’s true; promises are hard to keep, let alone say, but with Povada.com’s beautiful collection of diamond promise rings, you don’t have to say anything; the ring says it for you.

For some, getting engaged is certainly a big step, so if you’re not quite ready to get married, but are halfway there, a nice diamond promise ring is a great way to show her exactly how you feel; it shows that you’re committed, but not completely prepared for the next step.

Regardless of the occasion—whether you promise to be best friends forever, to be faithful, to be engaged, to be married in the future (but not yet ready to be engaged), to be pure, chaste and celibate, to abstain from a certain vice, or even to get her an even bigger, better, more expensive ring—diamond promise rings are just the type of rings to ensure that you will follow through on your promise.

Skip playing ‘NSYNC’s “This I Promise You” from a boombox held over your head, and make your promise with the purchase of a diamond promise ring from Povada.com.

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