Promises, Promises: Sweet Diamond Promise Rings for Valentine’s Day

If there’s one thing cupid would absolutely love, aside from love, it’s the gift of assurance—the gift of a diamond promise ring on Valentine’s Day.

diamond promise rings
Blue Diamond Promise Ring in Yellow Gold

The dictionary defines the word Promise as “a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.” And that’s exactly what a promise ring does—ensures that the promise is carried out. The gift of a diamond promise ring on Valentine’s Day will certainly serve as a reminder that such a promise is indeed carried out. Furthermore, it will make whatever promise you’re making even more meaningful; undoubtedly it will also make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

But a beautiful diamond promise ring doesn’t have to be a gift from a significant other. If you’re single and very ready to mingle, a diamond promise ring is just a great gift to yourself as it is coming from someone else. It can be great reminder of all the things you’d like to promise to yourself, such as remaining true to being yourself, or even the promise to persevere in life—or better yet, to buy more jewelry for yourself! A diamond promise ring doesn’t have to be restricted to represent a promise to remain chaste/celibate. Regardless of what the promise is or what means to you, has all the diamond promise rings you’d want to own!

Gorgeous diamond promise rings from, such as the Platinum Round Cut Diamond Promise Ring or the classic Round Cut Diamond Promise Ring in White Gold, or even the unique Yellow Diamond Promise Ring in White Gold, will make for pretty assurances that you’ll never, ever stray from your promise.

This Valentine’s Day, say your promises not with empty words, not with fattening chocolate…say them with diamond promise rings from

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