Seal It With a Kiss… and Diamond Promise Rings!

diamond promise ring
Diamond Promise Ring

What exactly are diamond promise rings? To put it simply, these are rings given by one person to another as a promise of commitment.

Love and romance – the things these two spawn! One can say the tradition of diamond promise rings is as old as love itself. Since the ancient times, people have been exchanging rings to put into solid form the intangible promise of love and commitment.

Diamond promise rings are often called “pre-engagement rings” because it is given to prove that two people have decided to commit to each other and promise to marry in the future. Diamond promise rings are traditionally not yet engagement rings, since the latter supposedly represents a couple’s decision to get married. Technically, promise rings symbolize an exclusive relationship with plans to marry, while engagement rings show that the plan is now a reality.

The thought and care that goes into buying a pair of diamond promise rings can be very symbolic of the couple’s commitment to each other. Choosing a ring involves considering many factors. Classic white diamonds are the typical gems of choice, but complementing them with colored gemstones allows you to be more creative and stylish, while reserving traditional styles for your engagement or wedding ring.

You can also opt for more intricate designs with diamond promise rings, since band designs are generally considered to be only suitable for the more formal engagement or wedding ring. Diamond promise rings make us of smaller stones and normally don’t feature solitaires. A popular example is a dual heart ring design, with two hearts intertwined and a couple of small diamonds worked into the heart shapes.

You also have the usual factors to be considered like the type of metal, the shape of the gemstone, symmetry, and overall quality of the diamond promise rings weighed against your actual budget.

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