Types of Diamond Ring Settings

Diamond Cluster Flower Ring in White Gold
Diamond Cluster Flower Ring in White Gold

When looking to buy a ring, knowledge of the different types of diamond ring settings will help you make that final critical decision.

There are two crucial factors to consider when choosing diamond ring settings. One is security; the other is brilliance. A diamond is an expensive investment, therefore it is only natural that you should want your diamond to be snug and securely in place in its metal mounting. A diamond is meant to sparkle in the best possible light, so you will want to choose a setting that achieves this goal, while keeping it securely in place.

Some diamond ring settings are more secure than others, but let in less light, resulting in subdued brilliance. Others are less secure but catch more light to achieve the most brilliance. Sometimes your decision hinges on which factor matters more to you.

Solitaire diamonds are often paired with prong settings. These consist of several thin metal wires that form hooked prongs around the diamond, holding it in place. Diamond ring settings like these are less secure but achieve more brilliance.

Bezel diamond ring settings are also used with solitaires. The diamond is held in a solid metal setting that protrudes a little on top and completely surrounds the stone. This is a very secure setting, but it lets in less light.

Channel settings are usually used with a row of brilliant round cut diamonds. The stones are arranged next to each other in such a way that light can pass through the sides. A channel setting is sometimes used when adding smaller stones as accents to a larger center stone, or when arranging smaller diamonds into one whole band without a center stone.

A tension setting is a setting in which a beautiful diamond is suspended between two metal bars or the sides of a ring. The effect is dazzling, because the diamond is allowed to glitter in all its glory, with as little metal surrounding as possible. The security of this setting is debatable. Some say it is very secure, some do not trust it. We advise you to research a bit to decide if you are comfortable with this setting. Please feel free to call a POVADA.com customer service representative with any questions about any of these settings.

The bottom line is just to find the right balance between security and sparkle for the diamond ring setting that work best for you. Povada Jewelry can give you just that!

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