Wear Your Faith Through Diamond Star of David Pendants

Diamond Star of David pendants are great for those wanting diamond jewelry pieces with classic designs. For those who want to wear diamond pendants with spiritual significance or symbolism, this is the perfect choice.

As we all know, the Star of David is a universally recognized Hebrew or Jewish symbol. The six- pointed star, which is made with two interlocking triangles, represents the rule of God over the universe, in all of its six directions: east, west, north, south, up, and down. Originally, the Star of David, which is Magen David in Hebrew ― literally “Shield of David” ― poetically refers to God. This acknowledges that King David, the biblical military hero, didn’t win by his own but by the power of God Almighty.

In Kabbalah, the star’s two triangles symbolize good vs. evil. The triangles may also mean the Jewish people‘s reciprocal relationship with God. The triangle pointing up represents man’s good deeds that go up to heaven, and the one pointing down means the flow of goodness back to the world.

However, even non-Jewish people can wear diamond Star of David pendants. You can wear one as a simple proclamation that you trust in God. You can also wear diamond Star of David pendants without attaching any religious symbolism to it.

The Star, also known as a hexagram, is known for its many other meanings as adopted by many other cultures. There are those who take the triangle pointing downward to represent female sexuality and the one pointing upward to represent male sexuality, together symbolizing harmony and unity. In alchemy, these two triangles represent fire and water, together symbolizing the reconciliation of

Diamond Star of David Pendant
Diamond Star of David Pendant



Or, you can simply wear a diamond Star of David pendant because of its geometric symmetry and
because diamonds on any design are always classy, elegant, and stylish.

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