Match Point: The Women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Now that the 2012 Summer Olympics are over, the next sports phenomenon that everyone’s likely to be tuned in to would be the U.S. Tennis Open. And what do women tennis players love sporting aside from a pretty visor and tennis dress/skirt? A lovely women’s diamond tennis bracelet. Is the tennis sport your weakest link? Have no fear, you don’t need to be a world championship, ranking tennis player to own a gorgeous women’s diamond tennis bracelet from

Not quite familiar with a diamond tennis bracelet? Get acquainted and be at an advantage by the time U.S. Open season rolls along…

Tennis bracelets are actually small diamonds used to create a single bracelet. This type of bracelet originated from a 1987 U.S. Open match wherein tennis superstar Chris Evert dropped her diamond bracelet during game. The bracelet had come unclasped and fell on the court sometime during the match. The game had to be called to a halt so she could look for it. From then on, the bracelet has since been referred to as a “tennis bracelet.”

10K Yellow Gold Womens Diamond Tennis Bracelet 0.25 Ctw
10K Yellow Gold Womens Diamond Tennis Bracelet 0.25 Ctw

Unlike other bracelets, a diamond tennis bracelet is not only elegant but also ideal for athletic, sporty women. A women’s diamond tennis bracelet is lightweight and flexible, which is perfect for an active lifestyle. Off the court, the diamond tennis bracelet is understated but still exudes charm and elegance.’s collection of women’s diamond tennis bracelets include the stunning 10k Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 0.25Ctw. Unlike Chris Evert’s tennis bracelet, this women’s diamond tennis bracelet is sure to stay on your wrist with a secure lobster claw clasp. Splurge on the 14k White Gold women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 1.00Ctw, and you’ll feel like you won a match point with an ace serve.

The history of the tennis bracelet may have originated from a loss of an actual bracelet, but with’s collection of women’s diamond tennis bracelets you definitely won’t score a Love (that’s ZERO for you non-tennis folk!).

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