Go Green, Go Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendants

While Spring hasn’t quite yet sprung, it is simply never too early to prepare for its arrival. So instead of the usual spring cleaning—cleaning out your closets and cupboards—why not clean out your jewelry box this time? Get rid of some faddish fashion jewelry and invest in some beautiful timeless emerald diamond gemstone pendants from Povada.com.

Many always associate spring with the flourishing of nature: the return of greenery and flowers…so its no surprise that an emerald diamond gemstone pendant would make a perfect investment, particularly in the spring. The greenness of the emerald gemstone pendant would complement the return of the green grass after all that snow melts. Moreover, it would make a great statement, and timeless piece of jewelry. Let’s not forget that even the late great icon, Elizabeth Taylor had her own set of emerald diamond gemstone necklace. Talk about classy!

While Elizabeth Taylor’s set is undoubtedly worth millions of dollars, Povada.com’s collection of emerald diamond gemstone pendants offer great quality, minus the million-dollars price tag. An Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant In White Gold costs a mere $100, and a stunning Elegant White Gold Oval Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant on the other hand, retails for $391—a fantastic bargain.

emerald diamond pendants
Elegant White Gold Oval Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant

So set your alarm clock—and not just for Daylight Savings Time—but to go green and this Spring, with a pretty emerald diamond gemstone pendant from Povada.com.

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