All About Fancy Colored Diamond Rings

Few people know about the existence of fancy colored diamond rings. It is jewelry that is more often seen with people of fame and fortune – kings, queens, celebrities, tycoons, and other wealthy and well-known personalities.

The whole world acknowledges the beauty of the flawless colorless diamond. But did you know that fancy colored diamond rings are even rarer and more highly priced than normal colorless ones?

This is most likely the reason why fancy colored diamonds were mostly seen gracing the rings of the wealthy. Their extremely high prices put them out of reach of the public.

Why are fancy colored diamond rings so rare? Nature is the answer.

Fancy Colored Diamond RIng
Fancy Colored Diamond Ring

Colored diamonds are the results of “accidents” in nature. Diamonds are normally white or colorless, but sometimes they happen to get in contact with other minerals in their raw state – that is, while they are still “growing” in the earth. This causes impurities in the diamond crystal, giving it colored hues.

Different natural occurrences can affect a diamond’s color. For example, the presence of boron can result in a blackish-blue diamond, and nitrogen impurities can produce a teal colored diamond.

What makes the diamonds so special is that these “natural accidents” happen very, very rarely. Thus, natural fancy colored diamond rings are few in supply and difficult to get, making them very valuable.

The rarest and most expensive fancy colored diamond rings are those with red diamonds. Pure red diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds. Second in rarity is the natural fancy green diamond. Its green color is the result of atomic radiation.

Other fancy colored diamond rings can have pink, blue, yellow, brown, and even orange diamonds. These diamonds are all natural and come in many shades or color grades. Pick your favorite at Povada!

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