Gemstone Bracelets For Romantic Dates

First dates are sometimes incredibly hard to dress for, but once you’re over the third-date hurdle, its time to raise the stakes for romance—and I’m not talking about gestures or clothes. When you’ve practically worn all your date-worthy outfits, it’s time to bring out the big guns: wearing your special jewelry. And what better way to amp up the romance by looking whimsical and romantic, yourself? By donning a gemstone bracelet, you can achieve just that.

Don’t have a gemstone bracelet? No problem, has lots that come in different gemstones and colors to choose from. Better yet, get your guy to get one for you! Talk about romantic—nothing says romance than ending a perfect evening or a summer getaway by receiving a gemstone bracelet as a gift. A kiss would be nice to, but a gemstone bracelet—it’s the next best thing to a proposal!

But perhaps it’s too early for that? No one can say you’re cheating if you bought yourself a nice gemstone bracelet from The Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold will be perfect for dinners out at that fine-dining, Zagat-rated restaurant, while that cute Citrine Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold would be great to wear for a romantic summer getaway to the Hamptons. How about the Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Yellow Gold? It will certainly cause quite a spark with its alluring amethyst gemstones. Perhaps you’re being introduced to The Parents this weekend? There’s a gemstone bracelet for that; the Emerald Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold is simply elegant and stunning, featuring baguette cut genuine emeralds. It oozes class and sophistication—a combination that is sure to be a hit with his parents.

Whatever the occasion maybe, if it’s a romantic date you want, it’s a romantic date you’ll get with these beautiful gemstone bracelets from—whether it’s a gift from your honey, or from yourself, wear it to a date to amp up the romance!

Gemstone Bracelet
Ruby Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold
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