Gemstone Bracelets to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

Gemstone bracelets are a popular type of fashion accessory. Bracelets can be mixed and matched easily with any outfit, and can be worn for almost any occasion.

There are many types of gemstone bracelets. With the all the different variations in style, design, metal, and gems, surely there are bracelets that can fit the diverse personalities of the many jewelry shoppers out there. To make your gemstone bracelets even more personalized, you can customize or design your very own.

Multi Colored Gemstone Diamond Bracelet in White Gold
Multi Colored Gemstone Diamond Bracelet in White Gold

If you are an on-the-go type and don’t want to fuss over clasps and locks, you might want to go for bangle gemstone bracelets. Bangles are solid bracelets; you don’t need to fasten them on your wrists — just simply slide them on. These are mostly wide and thick, often made of metal; gemstones can be littered artfully around the bangle.

Next to bangles are cuff gemstone bracelets. These bracelets are not solid, and are typically fastened around the wrists with clasps. They are similar to bangles in that they are also often wide and fit snugly on your wrist. These can be made from rows of precious gemstones linked together.

If you’re the funky type, charm gemstone bracelets might be for you. The most common charm bracelets are chains that have tiny “charms” hanging from them. The most popular are heart charms, but they can be anything you want — from gemstones, to letters, to miniature objects that show your favorite things.

For a traditional woman, the classic tennis bracelets work best. These gemstone bracelets can consist of precious or semi-precious stones set into metal and secured with a clasp, forming a single chain.


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