Choosing Gemstone Pendants: Three Things You Should Know

Gemstone pendants make you look more beautiful, sexy and classy.

These pendants are naturally exquisite and can easily bring out the best qualities of your face, your body and your clothes.  There are people who say that a woman’s neck is one of the sexiest parts of her body, and nothing highlights that beauty more than a gemstone pendant necklace. However, with a wide assortment of pendants using different kinds of gemstones in various settings, how do you know if you are selecting the right gemstone pendant for yourself or for your special woman?  It is easy for diamond and pearl pendants, as there are a lot of guides that can help you, but for gemstone pendants it is a little bit trickier!

Multi Colored Gemstone Diamond Flower Pendant in White Gold
Multi Colored Gemstone Diamond Flower Pendant in White Gold

How to Choose Gemstone Pendants

1. Look for cuts and colors!

Similar to diamonds, gemstones are much more beautiful when they have a lot of cuts.  These cuts allow the gemstone to reflect the light within itself, casting a more elegant look.  Lower quality gemstones have fewer cuts.

In the same manner, examine the gemstone’s color, which should be fiery, rich and striking.  A lot of people say that translucency and flawlessness should be a factor in choosing the gemstone. But, there are also those who go for naturally formed gemstones, even if they do have some inclusions or faults in them.

2. Size matters.

There are two types of settings that you could use for a gemstone pendant: solitaire and cluster.  A solitaire pendant could be large enough to attract attention and would be perfect for formal wear in classy evening events.  Cluster pendants made up of smaller gemstones would make more sense for everyday wear.  The general rule is that the gemstone pendant that you wear should enhance your neck, not obscure it.

3. Make a personal statement.

The beauty of gemstones is that they have long been believed to have special meaning.  Moreover, these are closely connected to one’s birth month.  You can create a personal statement with your gemstone pendant, effectively expressing your mood and revealing your personality.  And that is a style that nobody can beat!


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