Blue Topaz Rings 101

Blue Topaz Rings
Blue Topaz Rings

If you are looking for the perfect present to give a women who loves jewelry, then consider blue topaz rings. These rings make lovely and valuable gifts not only for the ladies in your lives who were born within the month of December (and have blue topaz for a birthstone), but also for any woman who could truly appreciate the gem’s beauty and its meaning.

You may think that blue topaz rings – or any blue topaz jewelry, for that matter – aren’t as precious as other gemstones, such as diamonds, but these sparkling blue stones are valuable in their own right. So before you shop for a ring with blue topaz, here are things you need to know:


  • Always examine the quality of the blue topaz stone. When it comes to blue topaz, the color is always the most important value factor. Pure topaz is actually transparent and colorless, and it only becomes blue as a result of heat and irradiation treatment.
  • Blue topaz has three varieties, according to color: (1) sky blue, which has a similar shade to aquamarine, (2) Swiss blue, which has a more saturated appearance than sky blue, and (3) London blue, which is the darkest of the three with its grayish, steely and deep dark color. Because of its color, topaz complements almost any metal, from sterling silver to yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.
  • Topaz is believed to be the gemstone of wisdom, understanding, and fulfillment.
  • Topaz is believed to promote clear vision and to stimulate our endocrine system. It is also believed to fight blood disorders.
  • Topaz is a very hard stone, but protect it from hard blows or hard knocks as it is still prone to splitting.

Knowing these things – including knowing what the stone means and its specific healing properties –
will make it easy for you to choose the perfect piece from our selection of blue topaz rings.

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