Declaring affection? Avoid being trite by giving a unique gemstone ring

Unique Gemstone Rings
Unique Gemstone Ring

Chocolates, flowers, love letters—they’re all beginning to seem trite. One thing that’s not, though, is giving someone you love a unique gemstone ring. Nothing says, “I love you,” more than putting a ring on her finger. Don’t fret Mr. Eligible Bachelor—it doesn’t have to be on her engagement finger. And BFFs? You’re officially the coolest BFFs if you break away from the matching “Best Friends Forever” necklace tradition, by opting for
matching gemstone rings instead.

Any girl loves a little accessory or two, and a unique gemstone ring would be a great accessory to wear. It’s attractive and it brightens up and adds color to any simple outfit. You can even wear it as a cocktail ring, and be the envy of every girl at the party.

Remember Kate Middleton’s unique sapphire engagement ring? Well, she’s the envy of every girl now, not just because she’s married to the world’s most eligible bachelor, but also because of that beautiful gemstone ring. She’s not alone either; gemstone rings are a big hit these days. Jessica Simpson also got engaged in a gemstone ring—a ruby ring to be exact.

Although everyone seems to be getting engaged in unique gemstone rings, let’s not forget all the single ladies! This year’s Golden Globes awards saw many single actresses wearing unique gemstone rings. “Glee” star, Lea Michele was spotted wearing a turquoise cocktail ring, while “Gossip Girl” actress, Leighton Meester, was wearing a beautiful pink tourmaline ring. Even eclectic fashion icon, Ashley Olsen, brought her own unique take to the gemstone ring-trend on the red-carpet, wearing a vintage sapphire ring. While the cost of their rings could no doubt break our wallets and bank accounts, we don’t need to spend the big bucks: head on over to for beautiful gemstone rings at reasonable prices.

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