Gemstone Engagement Ring: Perfect for a Beautiful Spring Proposal

“I wish you bluebirds in the spring/To give your heart a song to sing/And then a kiss, but more than this/I wish you love” goes the most romantic song of all time, “I Wish You Love.” But wishing your loved one “bluebirds in the spring” cannot compare to wishing your loved one love…and a gemstone engagement ring.

gemstone diamond ring
Gemstone Ring

Ah, Spring is the season for blooming flowers, chirping birds and of course, l’amour. But don’t waste your time to stop and smell the flowers—head on over to and make your romantic dreams come true by proposing with a gemstone engagement ring.

Gemstone engagement rings have a certain unique flair to them. For one thing they come in a variety of types and colors; are extremely attractive; not to mention incredibly romantic. These colorful gemstone engagement rings will not only make great statement pieces, but will also make for an utterly unforgettable Spring proposal. Think of getting engaged at the time of year when a lot of beautiful, new things grow or bloom… has a variety of beautiful, classic gemstone engagement rings. The Solitaire Pear Cut Citrine and Diamond Gemstone Ring In White Gold is reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s expensive yellow diamond engagement ring, while the Ruby Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold is similar to that of Jessica Simpson’s ruby engagement ring. The Solitaire Cushion Cut Pink Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold would also make an excellent engagement ring. This Spring, make it yours.

Don’t wait for bluebirds, make her heart sing by offering a proposal she can’t refuse—with’s gemstone engagement rings.

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