Gemstone Rings: The Best Way to Start Your Life Together

Solitaire Oval Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold
Solitaire Oval Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold

Gemstone rings are great choices for engagement rings.

Now that you are ready to pop the question, isn’t it a good idea to make the event more memorable with a non-traditional engagement ring?  Gemstone rings make a great alternative to the very common diamond engagement ring.  Not only will you have a great-looking ring but you also have a unique ring that is very practical.

Diamond engagement rings are very much in demand.  It seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry is out to find a traditional diamond engagement ring.  This makes finding the perfect one for your loved one a bit of a challenge.  This high demand for diamond rings raises the price of large solitaire diamonds.  A gemstone ring, on the other hand, is a beautiful substitute.  What’s more, there are a lot of designs, settings and stones to choose from.

A gemstone also carries with it a special meaning.  Rubies, for instance, are believed to help you reach your goals, help you with heart disease, and reduce fear and body toxins, while jade is said to bring you good luck, love, healing, and protection.  Other gemstones have their own special meanings and healing properties; you can choose a gemstone according to these.

Another popular choice is birthstones.  It would really make it more special if you offer your loved one her birthstone set in your engagement ring.

Gemstone rings represent a practical alternative to diamond rings, while retaining their symbolism and beauty.  If you want a unique, personalized engagement ring, then go for a gemstone ring!

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