Glam Up with Colored Gemstone Rings

Multi Colored Sapphire Ring in White Gold

Don’t let anyone discourage you from trying something new and adventurous! With just a hint of color in your fashion repertoire, you can go straight from drab to glam. You don’t have to go big and loud all at once. Why not start subtle with some colored gemstone rings?

A little color goes a long way! Colored gemstone rings add a hip touch to any outfit, so you can strut with flair.  Knowing which colors complement you best will help you choose the perfect piece.

Here are a few tips to start you off:

Know your birthstone. Certain gemstones are associated with each month of the year. These are called birthstones. It has become a popular trend to wear birthstones as part of one’s outfit.

Match your personality. They say the color of a gemstone reflects personality attributes, so go for colors that truly scream “YOU” for the optimum effect.

Symbolize. Colored gemstones are said to represent certain aspects of life. They are also believed to have healing properties when worn. For example, sapphire colored gemstone rings are believed to symbolize hope and purity and to enhance mental clarity.

Diamonds are still the world’s most popular gemstones. Although most diamonds are clear and colorless, colored diamonds are now available in yellow, blue, and pink. Other popular colored gemstone rings are ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, onyx and turquoise.

When choosing colored gemstone rings, the most important thing is to go with what satisfies you. These tips are simply here to guide you. In the end, choose the one that makes you happy and comfortable while wearing it. Nothing complements an outfit more than a piece of jewelry worn with ease and a confident personality!

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